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Overview of Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Outline of Vagus Nerve Stimulation The vagus nerve is one of 12 cranial nerves that pass data to and from the mind. The vagus nerve is the longest of the cranial nerves, with associations with the mind and huge numbers of the organs of the body. Irregular electrical incitement of the vagus nerve appears to diminish or forestall seizures. Vagus nerve incitement includes a surgery to embed an electrical heartbeat generator in the chest and connect anodes to the vagus nerve in the neck. A heartbeat generator is like a pacemaker. It isabout the size of a pocket watch and weighs around 25 grams (g). How does vagus nerve incitement work? The beat generatoris precisely embedded in the chest simply under the skin. This generator is customized to discontinuously transmit little electrical signs by means of a wire to the vagus nerve in the neck. We don't comprehend why electrical incitement of the vagus nerve is viable at forestalling seizures. It might be identified with changes in the brainstem and thalamus, or the electrical incitement may block the irregular cerebrum movement related with seizures. The generator capacities consequently 24 hours per day. An outer programming wand furthermore, programming are utilized by the specialist, to peruse and change the incitement quality and recurrence. After the generator is first embedded, the standard beginning settings are 30 seconds of incitement at regular intervals. The quality of the electrical sign ordinarily begins at 0.25 or 0.5 milliamperes (mA) and is then expanded at regular intervals by 0.25 mA. The recurrence of the incitement can likewise be balanced, to come on and off more as often as possible. Patients are likewise given a magnet, which goes about as a switch for the generator. At the point when a patient detects the start of a seizure, she can disregard the magnet the beat generator to convey additional incitement. For certain individuals, this additional incitement can prevent a seizure from advancing, abbreviate a seizure, or lessen the force of the seizure. The magnet can likewise be utilized to kill the trigger briefly. The battery life of the generator is around six years, after which the gadget can be supplanted. This will require another surgery, like the first2. What and who is vagus nerve incitement best utilized for? Vagus nerve incitement has been utilized to treat fractional and summed up seizures in the two grown-ups and youngsters. It is considered in the accompanying cases: Hostile to epileptic medicine doesn't control seizures successfully. The youngster is definitely not a decent contender for mind medical procedure, either due to high hazard or on the grounds that he has different epileptogenic (seizure-creating) territories in his cerebrum. The kid is sufficiently enormous to help the embed. This is generally chosen by the nervous system specialist and specialist. Vagus nerve incitement ought not be utilized in youngsters with certain heart, respiratory, or gastrointestinal issues. The vagus nerve serves the heart, lungs, and stomach, and some current issues in these territories may prompt inconveniences with vagus nerve incitement. Vagus nerve incitement normally decreases seizures yet doesn't regularly dispose of them totally. Generally it is utilized along with drug. Use in the Pediatric Population An enormous gathering of patients with obstinate epilepsy are more youthful than 12 years, incorporating youngsters with Lennox-Gastaut disorder, Dravet condition, and other hard to-treat epileptic conditions. Morris and colleagues[3]recently gave a proof based rule to VNS in kids that depends on an audit of off-mark use. In 13 class 3 examinations including 470 kids with halfway or summed up epilepsy, 55% had > half seizure decrease with VNS. Essentially, in 4 class III investigations of 113 kids with Lennox-Gastaut condition, 55% had > half seizure decrease. State of mind reads were not accessible for youngsters. (In 2 class 3 investigations of 31 grown-ups with epilepsy, critical enhancements in standard temperament scales were watched.) Children were 3.4 occasions almost certain than grown-ups to build up a disease at the VNS implantation site. What is the system? A clinical assessment is important to decide whether this is a case that might be effectively rewarded with vagus nerve incitement. When it has been concluded that your kid might be helped by vagus nerve incitement, the specialist, anesthetist, and others on the clinical group will disclose the method to you in detail. Its significant that you comprehend the strategy, its dangers, and your childs future consideration; don't hesitate to ask them any inquiries you may have. With the assistance of the treatment group, you should then disclose the method to your kid and help him comprehend what's in store after the implantation. Your youngster should be conceded into the medical clinic to introduce the gadget. Your youngster will most likely should be taken care of under general sedative, and thusly should quit eating eight hours prior. The activity should be possible with a neighborhood sedative, but since it is difficult for kids to remain still, most require a general sedative. The strategy itself takes around 60 minutes. One cut around 5 cm long is made on the left chest divider to embed the beat generator. Another cut around 5 cm long is made in the neck, through which adaptable platinum terminals are joined to the vagus nerve. Since the vagus nerve likewise goes to the heart, the generator will be turned on in the working room so the specialist can ensure the gadget doesn't meddle with the heart. For a similar explanation, the anodes are quite often positioned on the left vagus nerve, which has less basic effect on the heart. Your kid might be sent home around the same time or saved for the time being for perception. You and your kid will be instructed how to think about the entry points before discharge1. Utilizing vagus nerve incitement After the beat generator is embedded, the specialist will begin the incitement, utilizing a wand appended to a PC. The specialist will start with a low portion of current, allowed for 30 seconds at regular intervals. The quality and length of the incitement will be gradually expanded, at resulting specialist visits, to accomplish ideal seizure control. The incitement is conveyed consequently, 24 hours every day. Your kid will likewise be given an extraordinary magnet for use with the heartbeat generator. Kids who experience emanations (an inclination that flags the beginning of a seizure) can utilize the magnet to give an additional eruption of incitement, which may lessen or dispose of an up and coming seizure. You can likewise utilize the magnet in the event that you see that your kid is going to have a seizure. The magnet can likewise be utilized to kill the beat generator briefly and to check its activity. The specialist will ensure that you and your youngster see how to utilize the magnet before you leave the medical clinic. Your youngster should keep taking his meds. The measurement will be saved consistent for a while the generators yield current is gradually expanded. When the current has been expanded to its ideal level, your childs specialist will consider diminishing prescription and will examine another calendar with you. The advantages of VNS appear to increment after some time. In one study:1 Following 3 months, the quantity of seizures diminished by around 33%. Following a year, the quantity of seizures diminished by about half. What's more, in 2 out of 10 individuals, the quantity of seizures diminished by around three-fourths. For individuals who can detect when they are going to have a seizure, turning on the VNS utilizing their hand-held magnet can now and then forestall the seizure. It might likewise abbreviate a seizure as of now in progress. Studies show that VNS may likewise be compelling in youngsters. VNS improved freedom, mind-set, and learning in some children3. What's in store After Surgery The generator might be turned on the day following the medical procedure or at the primary post-careful visit. Your kid will be reevaluated in seven to 10 days for an injury check, and the generator might be turned on or adjusted.Parents will be told the best way to utilize a magnet to control a seizure. Waving the magnet over the generator may stop or abbreviate a seizure. Kids who are embedded with a VNS as a rule get back that day following their medical procedure. Some of the time an emergency clinic remain of one night is necessary2. Normal observing Normal observing is required to check the generator and battery and to ensure the treatment is functioning admirably and isn't awkward. The battery life of the generator is around six years, after which the gadget might be supplanted. This will require another surgery, like the first Dangers The vagus nerve trigger is viewed as sheltered. Gentle reactions happen in certain individuals when the gadget invigorates the nerve. The most widely recognized reactions include: Hacking. Throat torment. Roughness or slight voice changes. Brevity of breath. In youngsters, vagus nerve incitement may cause expanded hyperactivity2. End For over 15 years, VNS has demonstrated a valuable extra to pharmaceutical treatment in grown-ups and youngsters with recalcitrant epilepsy. In a proof based rule, Morris and colleaguesconcluded that VNS might be considered for treatment of seizures in kids with epilepsy, incorporating those with Lennox-Gastaut disorder (level C). Upgrades in mind-set, just as a feeling of authority over seizures gave by the magnet, might be included advantages. Unfriendly occasions, for example, postimplant contamination and lead break, may happen more frequently in kids than in adults1. Likewise with numerous pediatric treatments, VNS isn't FDA-endorsed for kids. In any case, VNS speaks to a possibly compelling and nonsedating treatment choice and ought to be considered for youngsters with recalcitrant epilepsy. Referances Andrew N,Vagus nerve incitement for children;Medscape neurology,November 2013.http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/813917_3 Buchhalter JR, Jarrar RG (2003). Therapeutics in pediatric epilepsy, section 2: Epilepsy medical procedure and vagus nerve stimulation.Mayo Clinic Proceedings, 78(3): 371â€378 Schachter SC

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A Peep of History and Lifestyle Through Cookbooks Essay

A Peep of History and Lifestyle Through Cookbooks - Essay Example Chronicled cookbooks are for the most part to pass on specific customs of food planning. It is additionally should save the legacy realized by social development which occurred in nearby kitchens. These sorts of cookbooks recount to a story. It instructs the energetic cook about how such food came about-the story behind the fixings, the purpose behind its origination and so on. These sorts of books are exceptionally careful. On the off chance that it is Italian cooking, at that point anticipate the noticeable quality of cheeses, tomatoes and different herbs. For French, the noticeable quality of wine and spread are normal. What's more, for most Asian dishes, stew flavors and noodles are to be anticipate. Imaginative cookbooks achieve better approaches for planning conventional nourishments so it tends to be valued by more individuals, or explicit kinds of individuals. A model is a vegan cookbook or a cookbook which targets diabetics. These are the standard thing dishes however meat is now and again changed to vegetables or tofu, and sugars are regularly changed to entire wheat and entire grains. Cookbooks are unquestionably useful in understanding the lifestyle of various social orders. These books recount to an account of endurance, festivity, shortage or abundance or certain spots, districts, period, or century. It can likewise be seen that the eating regimen of various social orders now and again rely upon their confidence, convictions, demography or regularly than not, atmosphere. It is obviously, expected for individuals who live close to the ocean to have loads of ocean nourishments in their weight control plans. Food as Nostalgia A few ladies in the examination directed by Jean Duruz (1999), considered their effective food making practice as got from common capacity. Most admit early interests in cooking, as they watch their moms set up the most loved nourishments of the family. Notwithstanding, through their portrayal of encounters, they showed how they figured out how to cook through a layering of information from various impacts. The ladies figured out how to cook from moms, relatives, grandmas, sisters, workers, aunties, female companions and neighbors, and incidentally fathers, fathers-in-law and spouses. They expanded this information with household science classes in secondary school and grown-up instruction classes at specialized school. Some were self-trained, both when marriage, through experimentation and understanding cookbooks. As per Jean Duruz (1999), food achieves such a great amount of wistfulness in the Australian Society. Duruz depicts for cookbooks which inspire 1950s sentimentality in Australia, a wistfulness for times apparent as strife free, pre-political, and kid like: the fifties as a youth for the nineties. Duruz' sentimentality is involved recollections, for example, the admired 1950s family unit, which never in actuality existed. As per Duruz(1999), he plans and memories are intended to bring out a lost Eden, a period before the fall, with the pressure on the more distant family, yet the amicable network. It is intriguing to take note of that Duruz didn't figure out how to cook as a youngster, as she reviews that family unit assistants did the majority of the cooking in

The Effects Of Music Videos On Children Young People Essay

The Effects Of Music Videos On Children Young People Essay Music awakens in our psyches in the first part of the day to the point of making us need to move and likely mitigating us when we have sand sentiments. From our youth through high school to adulthood, music turns into our necessary part in our entire life. At adolescent, music characterizes the attributes of a person. Pediatricians have attempted to spend significant time in youthful medication and furthermore consider the intensity of music and how it influences their character. The effect on the people social and social limits is profoundly ascribed to the long normal long periods of tuning in to music. In spite of the way that there is broad assortment of sorts of music, grown-ups and kids contrast on how they select the substance to tune in to. With the capacity to observe what is correct and what's going on, grown-ups may not be profoundly influenced by the present conduct or social ills. Youngsters then again are a lot of inclined to the alluring savage classification of music; the music contains plots that draw teenagers and other minority. During the advancement organizes in immature, youngsters attempt to find their own Hero and good examples. This implies nature in which these kids spend and develop will give them the character they need as own legend. Right now, the most moving issue to the youngster is to get what she or he needs. Accepting that the kid has individual issues o challenges that the individual in question needs to vanquish, it is simpler to incline toward savage characters on TV and afterward receive their method of getting things done. The vast majority of t he hip bounce music for example contains fierce commitment, utilization of medications, sexual circumstances just as sexual brutality. The youngster would then create with the idea that the individual in question must be vicious or pompous to get by throughout everyday life. Substantial metal music has outrageous estranging consequences for creating kids which incorporates mental disarranges, substance misuse, sex-job generalizing and self destruction hazard. On the off chance that a kid shows rough acts against other kids, the parent or the instructor needs to give close consideration the music being tuned in to by youngsters (Kathy John). Most music recordings may show half exposed ladies which influence the emotional well-being of a kid. Because of the cultural social order, this method of dressing isn't worthy in broad daylight. In this way kids experience extreme mental strain in choosing what to acknowledge as a standard or insidiousness. Contingent upon the introduction the kid encounters, the youngster can create for nature. A youngster can develop in a quiet situation which may advance the prosperity of the kid. Quiet recordings can enable the youngster to respect to have the future the person sees on the TV or such media. These gatherings of kids like to remain in serene condition and for the most part will in general be dutiful and acknowledged in the general public. Then again rough recordings will in general depict that the world is a lot of fierce than the manner in which it is. This causes kids to accept that their house is the main exception that is protected. Kids get bamboozled that their families must line up with the general public. Kids don't have incredible introduction to the external society because of their parental consideration. This leaves the youngsters to comprehend the network to be home and TV or computerized media. This implies if the guardians don't remain at home for extended periods, the youngster may wind up embracing the media culture other than the home culture. The youngster progresses in being savage and forceful through the juvenile to early adulthood. The psychological contents created by kids are created through mimicking media legends. The vast majority of these are received from vicious music recordings and shows. As youngsters and kids watch these brutal demonstrations, they can disguise these contents and beco me compelling in affecting the life of the individual (Mhhe.com). Style is one of the zones that young people and kids need to feel like they rule. They generally need to exceed others, either among themselves or when alone. Famous people embrace explicit design for various tracks and recordings; this leaves the youngster in a much defenseless and fragile circumstance of choosing the style they need. These design issues may turn into an issue to the family since they may not be worthy to the guardians and the overall population. The strained can prompt family issues where guardians take part in physical showdown with the youngster. Youngsters then again are not in a situation to contend with the circumstance wherein case they might be drawn away from their family. Territories in which design influences young lady kid incorporates meager dressing, ill-advised make up use and utilization of medications to change their body form to look alluring. Young men may not encounter broad impacts since the general public doesn't set what is ethically inaccurat e for the kid. The issue anyway might be articulated in a Christian family setting. This implies kids can contrarily be influenced by such design (Media Awareness Network). The other issue territory that music recordings influence kids during improvement is the abuse and utilization of liquor in kids. Video show unequivocal circumstances where youngsters are utilizing liquor and medications. The kid feels that such utilization of medications and liquor would make the known and regarded in the general public. Since the video may not be one in particular that show such practices, the youngster will in general imagine that utilization of medications or liquor doesn't have any results all things considered. In spite of the fact that they may see cautioning signs on announcements featuring the negative impacts of utilizing medications and liquor in youthful age, they don't get persuaded as they get while viewing a video. Such a kid faces the fierceness of utilizing such medications and liquor to a state of fixation. The issue with such habit is that they would require the person to get clinical consideration and recovery to recuperate and have a typical life once more. Before the youngster or a parent finds this issue, the kid would have burnt through a great deal of valuable time that could be utilized to create gifts and find their crucial life. As prior stated, youngsters may not be in a situation to decide their good example with a cognizant brain; the noticeable condition decides for them (Media Awareness Network). Language is the other part of a kid that is influenced by these recordings. A kid would consistently need to build up their directing capacity particularly among peers or to utilize when asking something from the parent. The way toward growing to such an extent that the individual in question can order regard normally can get meddled with through sound and visual media. At the point when the youngster sees somebody on video inspiring foul words to other people and completes what he needs, and afterward the kid will think that its simpler and proficient. The way that such language is basic in hard music which happens to be wide spread, the kid expect that such language is permitted in the general public. The youngster winds up receiving the disgusting language for use in the network. Such youngsters get segregated in a general public that qualities deferential people (Media Awareness Network). Dread is the other impact the music recordings can have on the kids. Youngsters consistently need to have a sense of security and secure; it may not be the situation when they find that the world isn't as they take it. Weapons and passings appear to be overstated on recordings with the end goal that the youngster feels that anybody can be killed whenever and the criminal goes without any penalty. The youngster may create dread this may transpire or her or even to one of the relatives. This can result to negative improvement of such kids. With headway in video creation innovation, video liveliness has gotten a lot simpler. A few recordings contain pictures indicating circumstances where individual are being damaged by obscure animals, such video can be a dread factor to a kid who has not grown enough to comprehend that such pictures are human manifestations and fiction. Such recordings that alarm kids can trigger self-destructive or maniacal sentiments in a kid. Music recordings show unequivocal films that advance sex in the general public. Plainly such pictures would be of much enthusiasm to youngsters who have not yet attempted to enjoy sex itself. They go about as the base whereupon they figure out how sex happens. The sexual cognizance of a kid might be excited through such recordings. Youngsters would then be able to attempt among themselves what they watched occur. During the time spent difficult, imprudent grown-ups may become pulled in to such minors. This opens to the kid numerous difficulties in life including explicitly transmitted contaminations or even AIDS. Such sexual encounters are difficult for youngsters to contain and control, making them much powerless against attackers and kid sex (Aubrey Jennifer). Taking everything into account, music recordings have exceptionally influenced the structure of our general public because of the adequacy broad media. The intensity of such media has various favorable circumstances that have profited the general public, however this doesn't occur without an assortment of back draws. Through the equivalent visual innovation, our general public has debased to a state of grabbing childrens mind; kids can't live anything else without recordings. Media has gotten a lot of open to kids and teenagers through web. It is anyway the duty of the gatekeeper to make favorable condition for the kid to develop. This can be accomplished through utilization of web channel devices to lockout improper media from gushing. The parent can likewise buy in for family programs that have their substance checked for general crowd. It may be hard or the parent to control what the youngster watches when alone along these lines, it is additionally the duty of the parent to promp t their kids on what is suitable and what isn't. Work refered to Aubrey Jennifer. The effect of explicitly generalizing media introduction on negative body movements furthermore, sexual self recognitions examining the interceding job of body hesitance 2007. May 3, 2010 Kathy Dix John Harris. Viciousness in Music May 3, 2010 Media Awareness Network. Wrong substance in music negative impacts May 3, 2010

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Theoretical Paradigms Essay Example for Free

Hypothetical Paradigms Essay Presentation  â â â â â â â â â â Theoretical standards permit sociologists to dissect viably for all intents and purposes any component of society.â It is a lot of principal suspicions that aides thinking and research.â Two among the three ideal models in human science that I need to look into as far as their qualities and shortcomings of their illustrative incentive for social disparities are the Conflict Approach and Functionalism Approach. The Conflict Approach is a hypothetical structure dependent on the presumption that society is a mind boggling framework portrayed by imbalance and struggle that create social change. This methodology supplements the useful methodology by featuring not incorporation but rather social division.â This methodology quality is that it guides sociologists to research how factors, for example, social class, race, ethnicity, sex, and age are connected to inconsistent circulation of cash, force, training, and social prestige.â â Therefore, as opposed to distinguishing how social structure advances the activity of society overall, this methodology centers around how these examples advantage a few people while being unsafe to other people.  â  â â â â â â â On the other hand, the functionalism Approach is a structure for building hypothesis dependent on the suspicion that society is a mind boggling framework whose parts cooperate to advance steadiness. The practical methodology quality is that, it makes two assertions.â The principal holds that society is made out of social structures, which means moderately stable examples of social behavior.â Social structures go from expansive examples, including the family and strict frameworks, to up close and personal conduct like waving hello.â The second is that every social structure has a social capacity, or ramifications for the activity of society all in all (Marx, 1984).  â  â â â â â â â Moreover, the functionalism approach has for quite some time been compelling in sociology.â The positivist root in this methodology is the propensity to consider the to be world as steady and orderly.â The activity of sociologists, starting here of view, is to utilize logical research to figure out how society functions. In spite of its solid impact on the order of human science, in any case, late decades have uncovered the shortcomings of this approach.â By expecting that society works pretty much â€Å"naturally,† pundits bring up, the functionalism approach will in general disregard how social examples differ structure here and there and change over time.â Thus, the idea that a specific course of action is common appears to be dangerous at best.â By concentrating consideration on cultural solidarity, pundits call attention to, functionalism will in general neglect divisions dependent on social class, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation, and to make light of how such division can produce pressure and strife. Notwithstanding its shortcomings, functionalism accentuation on solidness and will in general limit significant procedures of social change.â Further, by underscoring social joining, the functionalism approach will in general give less consideration to divisions dependent on social class, race, ethnicity, and sex and to minimize how such divisions regularly create strain and conflict.â Overall, at that point, this methodology takes a traditionalist position toward society. The contention approach, then again, has grown quickly in ongoing decades.â Yet, similar to functionalism, it has various weaknesses.â One, this methodology features power battles, it concentrates on social solidarity dependent on practical relationship and shared values.â Another, the contention approach advocates expressly political objectives in its drive for an increasingly populist society, in this manner surrendering guarantee to logical objectivity.â Supporters of this methodology counter that every single social methodologies have political outcomes, though various ones. An extra shortcoming, which applies similarly to both the functionalism and struggle approach, is that they paint society with general terms, depicting our lives as a composite of â€Å"family,† â€Å"social class,† â€Å"gender,† â€Å"ethnic group,† â€Å"race,†, etc. Thus, both functionalism and struggle approach share a full scale level direction, which means a worry with enormous scope designs that portray society as a whole.â They take in the master plan, as one may explore a city from the vantage purpose of a helicopter high over the ground, taking note of how parkways encourage traffic stream starting with one spot then onto the next or the striking differentiations among rich and poor neighborhoods. These methodologies limit their regard for enormous scope structures and procedures while disregarding the subtleties of regular day to day existence, (for example, the communications that happen in a specific bar on a specific day at a specific hour).â Macro-level direction takes different structures: the individuals who embrace a contention approach see huge scope social examples as far as how they force themselves on the conduct of individuals.â That is, they attempt to depict qualities of society all in all in manners that light up examples of connection among people. The individuals who embrace a functionalism approach solicit how the huge scope designs from society in general add to the joining of society. Strife sociologists find that the conveyance of individuals among position (or statuses) influences choices even as â€Å"personal† as the decision of a marriage partner.â Tepperman Curtis (2004) utilize two attributes of societyâ€heterogeneity and inequalityâ€to foresee paces of intermarriage (that is, the recurrence of marriage including individuals from various racial, ethnic, or strict groups).â   Heterogeneity alludes to the degree of equality or separation inside a population:â heterogeneity is high if a populace is partitioned into a wide range of racial, ethnic, or strict gatherings; it is low if the majority of the individuals are the equivalent in these regards. Imbalance alludes to the dissemination of esteemed assets, for example, riches or education.â In a general public with high disparity, such assets are gathered in the hands of the couple of, while the dominant part has next to one side to partition among themselves; imbalance is lower when these assets are separated all the more equally among individuals in a society.â According to Tepperman Curtis, higher paces of heterogeneity and disparity urge individuals to connect with individuals unique in relation to themselves, and this association thus builds the pace of intermarriage.  It follows that higher paces of heterogeneity and imbalance for the most part advance as opposed to dishearten intergroup relations of all kinds.â The conduct is anticipated from the structure of the general public itself instead of from the convictions and perspectives of individuals.â The degree of incorporation of a general public is a result of the circulation of individuals among social places (that is, of the measure of heterogeneity and disparity). The functionalists take an alternate point of view for the huge scope incorporation of society.â These sociologists consider society to be made out of specific establishments: designed practices and status/job connections that satisfy fundamental cultural needs.â For instance, monetary foundations are liable for preparing rare assets so as to deliver and disperse products and enterprises that individuals need.â Dissimilar organizations are held together in an arranged entire in light of the fact that each is appointed the errand of fulfilling a specific cultural need; each adds to the general utilitarian combination of the general public itself.â Without families, for instance, new age would not be associated to the prevailing qualities and standards of the general public.  â â â â â â â â â â As an end, both the Conflict Approach and Functionalism Approach imagine society in unique terms, which now and again appear to be very removed from our regular experience. References Marx, K. (1984).â Selected Writings in Sociology and Social Philosophy. T. B.  â â â â â Bottomore, Trans.â  McGraw-Hill, New York. Tepperman, L. Curtis, J. (2004).â Sociology: A Canadian Perspective. Oxford  â â â â â University Press, Canada.

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Visual Arts @ MIT

Visual Arts @ MIT Closing Thoughts Throughout high school we loved drawing, painting, animation, fibers, etc., but were only ever able to practice those things independently, because for 9th and 10th grade, we were in the music program of the arts high school we went to, and for 11th and 12th grade, we transferred to a purely academic high school. So, we really wanted college to have classes that teach, communities that center around, and clubs that do visual art things. After finding out we were adMITted, one doubt we both had before comMITing was that MIT woudn’t have those things. MIT does a great job sharing and publicizing all the STEM that goes on here with the world (it is a technical institute after all), but a less great job (though actively improving) at communicating about the vibrant art community here. Being members of the visual arts community here, we are writing this to share all the awesome ways that we have gotten involved in the arts here*. For the artsy admits, who are questioning if/how they can practice art here, we hope this sheds some light! *this is not an exhaustive list, but rather a personal one Clubs Art Club Art Club is a super chill club that has meetings on Saturday Morning in the art studio in the Student Center. We set out art supplies on paint splattered tables, turn on music (musical soundtracks if we get our pick, but usually this exact playlist), and let people work on whatever projects they want to work on! We also have fun workshops like mug decorating, pumpkin painting, and Henna! Borderline Borderline didnt exist 3 semesters ago. In fact, Borderline actually had its first birthday a couple weeks ago, where we went to the graffiti alley in Central and spray painted our logo after getting very aesthetic boba from Abide!! we look pretty hardk0re in our protective face masks, dont we? Anyways, Borderline started in Spring 2017. We mentioned it in these blogs, but never formally talked about its origin, what it is, and our involvement. So we’ll do that now. Borderline was started by a group of students (Julia R. ‘18, Jessie W. ‘19, Tara L. ‘17, Iris F. ‘17, and Emma D. ‘18) who wanted to create more opportunities for people at MIT to make art projects. The pilot project, which gained initial funding from the Council of the Arts at MIT, was to create murals with augmented reality animations in the MIT tunnels, the main goal of which was to make the MIT tunnels a less dreary and more aesthetically pleasing place to pass through. What actually came out of it was so much more! In the end, with the collaborative effort of 25 artists, 6 animators, 20 painters, and some coders, they were able to fill a 200-foot long wall with 25 murals, and make an app that enhanced 6 of those murals with augmented reality animations. By the end of the semester, over 200 peopl e came to the Grand Opening and a Borderline community formed! That first semester, we each painted a mural and made AR animations for them! It was a lot of hours, but honestly THE highlight of our freshman spring semester, if not entire freshman year! The following semester, in Fall 2017, we joined the exec team because a large portion of the founding team graduated or could no longer be involved. This changed our roles from making art to more organizational/planning, but it was still a lot of fun! We expanded our wall of murals by 26 feet, added around 15 new murals, and 10 new animations, and had a end-of-semester showcase! This semester, Borderline became an official ASA recognized club!! We are still very much involved on the exec team, and our main goal this semester is to finish up making our wall look polished, adding animations, and expanding our reach to other local colleges! There is a blog section of our website where you can keep track of our latest projects and endeavo rs!! taken during the Grand Opening in spring 2017 Borderline has been a very formative part of our MIT experience, and has really showed us that if there is something you find that MIT is missing, as long as you have initiative, MIT will help you make your vision a reality! What started out as an idea from a couple students is now a fully functional an operating club that has fostered a beautiful art community! Animation Group This is an awesome club that hosts many fun workshops like flipbook making and a recent manga workshop! We were involved our freshman fall, but since havent been very involved, so we cannot write about it nearly as much as we want to! We are getting involved this semester by participating in their aniMIThon, which is an animation hackathon (in true MIT spirit) to make a 30 second animated short!!! We have some rough sketches and thumbnails, and really REALLY want to finish! Hopefully writing it on these blogs will give us some more accountability! Student Art Association (SAA) The SAA provides a vast variety of visual art classes  ranging from drawing to painting to ceramics to photography! These do cost money unfortunately and cannot be taken for credit, but MIT students get the cheapest rate! We took an oil painting class during our freshman fall, and it was really fun and helpful! This was actually the first formal art class weve ever had, so we were very grateful for it! It was three hours on wednesday nights, and our instructor was very helpful and constructively critical! We have not been able to fit more classes into our schedule since, but we really want to! Here are some of the paintings we made in the class.     Dannys on left, Allans on right Student Galleries On the second floor of the Student Center is the newly renovated Wiesnar Student Art Gallery!! Every month, it features the artwork of either one student or of a group of students! And anyone can apply to either showcase their own work or to curate a gallery of others work! The galleries are ALWAYS amazing!! We wrote about seeing our friends gallery here! Art Scholars From the  Art Scholars  website:  â€œEstablished in 1998, the MIT Arts Scholars Program brings together students who are passionate about exploring the diverse array of arts available at MIT and in the Boston area, and interacting with fellow students, faculty artists and other experts in the art world. The program is structured around monthly excursions or workshops, with an expert in the relevant field of art in attendance. The mission is to foster an active community of MIT students with an exceptional interest in the arts. The community’s resultant role is that of an arts leadership group, cultivated through events and mentorship.  The Arts Scholars Program is funded in part due to the generous support of the Council for the Arts at MIT. Art Scholars is a super awesome community of undergrads and grads who either practice some sort of artform (not just visual arts) or are art enthusiasts! They accept applications every semester on a rolling basis, and we joined at the end of Freshman Spring! We havent been able to go to too many of the excursions because the semesters never fail to get really busy. But we went on the annual New York trip a few weeks ago, where you get to see TWO plays or operas in New York for FREE with breakfast and dinner provided for FREE with trasportation to and from provided for FREE !!! It was a crazy fun and crazy long day! Honestly, that day deserves a blog in itself, especially because of the second show we saw (Sleep No More) was a RIDE and a half! Another really cool perk of being an Art Scholar is you get to take SAA classes at a discounted price (it may even be free :O)! Classes for Credit There are many visual art classes offered through course 4, which are very cool, but these are fairly far from traditional art classes (like those offered by the SAA). These all have a technological, experimental, modern, or architectural spin to them, which is not bad, just different. We both took 4.100 over Freshman IAP, which was a 3 unit lamp fabrication class, and we had a blast designing and fabricating our light fixtures! Danny took 4.520, visual computing, over Freshman Spring, which was a really cool (and time consuming) rule-based design class. We actually considered course 4 for a while, but after taking these classes, realized it isnt *exactly* in line with what we want to do, or at least not what we want to spend our time here doing. In general, classes for credit in the visual arts (as in the type of traditional art studio classes that the SAA offers) is something that we and many other students we know find very lacking at MIT. With that said, there are a couple classes we want to highlight! Drawing for Designers, which is under the theater department, is a traditional life drawing class! You get to spend class time drawing a mix of models and still lifes! It is a very popular class, and is always over enrolled, so you may have to try a couple semesters before getting in. Dannys in the class this semester, so here are some of his homework assignments!     We havent taken more classes in the theater department, but along with what most expect from a theater department like acting and script-writing classes, it has a lot of classes that involve drawing!!! Aside from this one, there is Costume Design, which Anelise blogged about! Weve also heard that  Set Design is a class with some fun projects! Crafting Comics is a special subject offered for the first time in the CMS department! Allan is taking it, and its been a LOT of fun! You actually get to, as the name implies, craft comics, from scripting to thumbnailing to drawing every panel!! Here are two pages he made for the class!       Publications There are many publications that students can have a varying level of involvement in! The most weve been involved in is making art for or submitting our already-made art to these publications. Rune  is MITs art and literature journal! We both have some of our pieces in the latest edition! Chroma  is a brand new (started last semester) student run magazine that features articles accompanied by art! They had their first printed edition a couple weeks before spring break (which is now), and it was SUCH QUALITY! It also had very smooth paper! We both had art in this edition and are making art for their second print edition!     We have not been involved in these, but there is also the The Tech  that you can illustrate for, and  Technique  that  you can do photography for! Our descriptions for The Tech and Technique are very limited, but we know they do awesome work! Check out their websites and definitely check out their booths during CPW Activities Midway! Keep an Eye/Ear Out MIT is a buzzing campus! New projects and opportunities pop up left and right! Join all the mailing lists, and when walking through the infinite, at least glance at the flyers! One project we found out about by just looking around at flyers is Open Mind::Open Art! Open Mind::Open Art This was a project that took place during our Freshman IAP, and since we were on campus taking 8.01L*, we decided to apply! Essentially, it was a student gallery funded by the  MindHandHeart  Initiative that centered around mental health and wellness! It was honestly the best part of our IAP (and though it doesnt take much to be better than 8.01(hel)L, this was actually amazing)! We remember that the energy during our Thursday night workshops and then during the actual opening night was ELECTRIC! The gallery transformed a very dilapidated room on the first floor of the Student Center and stayed there for two weeks! The piece we made was a series of 6 portraits, entirely made by hand sewing pieces of felt together. Our combined effort took more than 100 hours, but it was completely worth it! There are articles about it here and here and we blogged about it in more detail here and here  ! Unfortunately,   Open Mind::Open Art was a one-time project, but these types of opportunities appear ALL the time if you keep your eyes and ears open! *8.01L is the longer, slower paced, version of the Physics 1 GIR that goes into IAP for students who have had limited physics/math background prior to MIT. Cross Registering To fill in the gaps of the art classes we cant take for credit (or at all) at MIT, we cross register at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design (which is 10 minutes away by uber)! Many people on campus are aware of being able to cross-register at Harvard, but few people know that MIT students can cross-register at MassArt! We blogged about it once already, but are here again to tell you, MIT students can cross-register at MassArt! And more people should! This is our second semester cross-regging there, and we LOVE it! We both took Animation 1 last semester (and it was highkey our favorite class). This semester Allan is taking Digital Toolbox 2 (which teaches how to use animation software, something that can be stressful at times, but will be very useful in the long run!) and Danny is taking Character Animation (which is kind of a continuation of the traditional paper animation we did in Animation 1, but with more of a focus of character movement)! We are EXTREMELY grateful that MIT lets us cross-register at MassArt. Also, you can petition your classes for Hass-A credit! We have yet to do so, but should get on that! Freshman Arts Program This is a Freshamn Pre-Orientation Program (FPOP) that started our sophomore year off  FAPulously! It is basically a week long immersion in the arts! We did not get to participate in it as frosh, but were counselors at the beginning of this school year! As participants in the program you get to take part in many awesome workshops, work on a interdisciplinary week long art project, and interact with your equally artsy peers! Its honestly a blast! As counselors you get to basically do all of the above, and more! We think we may have had more fun as counselors than some of the freshman had! Closing Thoughts We want to emphasize that these are the things that we have done to get involved in the visual arts at MIT, but are definitely not the ONLY ways! There are so many things we have heard of and havent gotten involved in, and probably more things that we havent even heard of! If you are to take away anything from this, we hope its that there ARE opportunities here to pursue the visual arts and there ARE people here who actively do! We also reccommend to read  Bens Post  to  get another perspective about visual arts at MIT! Post Tagged #Animation Group #Art Club #Arts Scholars #Chroma magazine #cross-registration #FPOP #MIT Rune Journal of Arts and Letters #OpenMind::OpenArt #Student Art Association (SAA) #The Borderline at MIT

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Violence in A Tale of Two Cities - Free Essay Example

In the novel, A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens reveals what his perspective, and feelings towards violence is. Dickens uses many violent scenes to reveal how the french revolution and how the people could be so violent and animal-like toward the aristocrats along with how the aristocrats could be so violent and crude with the lower class. Dickens feelings on the various violent acts perpetrated throughout the novel are one of sympathy. The reasoning he feels sympathy is for the lower class and how they were treated by the aristocrats. The aristocrats treat the lower classmen as if trash and couldnt care about their lives. One example is when the Marquis hits the young boy after speeding through the city streets, the boys father holds him in his arms and weeps for his sons death. In response to killing the child the Marquis give no consolation toward the father, he in fact is vexed about the condition of his horses more than the situation he is in. The Marquis tosses a coin to the boys father.As the Marquis drives away, a coin comes flying back into the carriage, thrown in bitterness. He curses to the commoners, saying that he would willingly ride over any of them. Madame Defarge typically is found sitting in the wine shop, knitting, and we soon find out what shes been knitting. Madame Defarge has been knitting the names of the people she wants killed by the guillotine into a pattern. An act of violence is when Madame Defarge is going to kill Lucie, and little Lucie, but they arent in the location that Madame Defarge is going. Miss Pross is at the location Madame Defarge is going to, they both meet each other, they then both end up fighting each other, and Miss Pross wins by killing Madame Defarge with her own weapon. One big symbol in this novel is wine. The wine symbolizes blood, death and violence. Typically this symbol is used with Madame Defarge, seeing how she is the most violent in the novel and brings most of all the violent scenes in the book. Madame Defarge is a big part in the violence throughout the book. Her childhood was appalling, mainly because of the aristocrats; Her sister was raped by a evremond, her father had died by grief, and her brother had died by trying to avenge his sisters honor.Although Madame Defarge is a cold, ruthless, and frightfully grand woman, she is also smart and can hold her own. Some examples of Madame Defarge being cold: As Madame Defarge exclaims to her husband, Tell the Wind and the Fire where to stop; not me!. With these words, Madame Defarge ceases to be human, instead is more like a beast. Another example is: [] imbued from her childhood with a brooding sense of wrong, and an inveterate hatred of a class, opportunity had developed her into a tigress. In this, with all the hatred from her past with the aristocrats she became a beast. It was nothing to her, that an innocent man was to die for the sins of his forefathers; she saw, not him, but them. It was nothing to her, that his wife w as to be made a widow and his daughter an orphan; that was insufficient punishment, because they were her natural enemies and her prey, and as such had no right to live. Once again she had so much hatred that she wanted Darnay and his family dead, she didnt care that is would badly affect Lucie and little Lucie. Madame Defarge typically is found sitting in the wine shop, knitting, and we soon find out what shes been knitting. Madame Defarge has been knitting the names of the people she wants killed by the guillotine into a pattern. One act of violence is when Madame Defarge is going to kill Lucie, and little Lucie, but they arent in the location that Madame Defarge is going, instead Miss Pross is at the location, she meets Madame Defarge, they then both end up fighting each other, and Miss Pross wins by killing Madame Defarge.A big symbol in this novel is wine. The wine symbolizes blood, death and violence. Typically this symbol is used with Madame Defarge, seeing how she is the most violent in the novel and brings most of all the violent scenes in the book. Remember these words to-morrow: change the course, or delay in it-for any reason-and no life can possibly be saved, and many lives must inevitably be sacrificed. One of the big themes in this novel is sacrifice, along with the violence i s cities and how upperclassmen treat lower classmen. See you then, jacques, said madame defarge, wrathfully, and see you, too, my little vengeance; see you both! Listen! For other crimes as tyrants and oppressors, I have this race a long time on my register, doomed to destruction and extermination. Ask my husband, is that so. Madame Defarge is so blinded by rage that she doesnt realise that shes becoming a tyrant herself. I care nothing for this Doctor, I. He may wear his head or lose it, for any interest I have in him; it is all one to me. But, the Evremonde people are to be exterminated, and the wife and child must follow the husband and father. Madame Defarge sees her sisters rape as a family crime, one that must be repaid by an entire family, she doesnt feel sympathy for the manettes at all. Her sense of justice pays no attention to the actual perpetrators of the crime. But it is your weakness that you sometimes need to see your victim and your opportunity, to sustain you. Sustain yourself without that. When the time comes, let loose a tiger and a devil; but wait for the time with the tiger and the devil chained, not shown, yet always ready. Madame Defarge displays restraint where her husband shows passion. At the moment, this seems like a good strategy; it also foreshadows her pitiless treatment of the Manettes later in the novel. The Evremonde brothers show no touch of pity when speaking of the creature dying there, or the peasant boy who was stowed away. It was under his hand, and I soothed him to let remove his hand away. The wound was a sword-thrust, received from twenty to twenty-four hours could have saved him if it had been looked to without delay. He was then dying fast as I turned my eyes to the elder before,saw him looking down at this handsome boy whose life was ebbing out, as if he were a wounded bird, or hare, or rabbit;not at all as if he were a fellow-creature. There is no humanity in the older brother, he sees this dying peasant as a savage animal. The brothers used the fear of the peasants sister being raped, which prevented him from retaliating towards the Evremonde brothers ever again. Dr. Manette was even fearful of the men when they said, We have been to your residencein the hope of overtaking you, with a manner that was imperious. One of his biggest fears was that they were armed. The me n approached Dr. Manette with a threatening conduct. This proves that they have no limits to who they will try to intimidate with fear. Doctor, they are very proud, these nobles, but we common dags are proud too, sometimes. They plunder us, outrage us, beat us, kill us; but we have a little pride left, sometimes. she -have you seen her, Doctor? Rapes, Beatings and murders were common crimes on colonial estates.

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Maximizing Profits in Market Structures - 1287 Words

Assignment: Maximizing Profits in Market Structures 1 What are the characteristics of each market structure? A competitive market is many sellers that sell similar products with very little control over the market selling price. An example of competitive market structure is a gasoline station. There can be many gasoline stations in a certain mile radius, the more gasoline stations there are in a small area the higher the competitive the market. Monopolies: Monopolies are a group of business people who act as one. Considerable power is in the company’s ability to set and influence prices. The power is determined by the demand curve cladding the company and with almost no competition. Monopolies have no public ownership.†¦show more content†¦The steeper the demand curves the better the discretion in pricing. Some businesses, during the day to day running of business, may choose to have a nonchalant or unconcerned approach to its competitors, ignoring the competitors’ market-related decisions can have detrimental consequences in securing the businesses’ place in the market structure is disadvantages, depleting instead of maximizing its profit and revenue. Managers must be diligently aware of their company’s competition at all-times to maximize profitability possibilities. â€Å"Managers, of oligopolistic competitive firms may engage in open price (or design-, service-, promotion-) warfare or othe r predatory or even criminal behavior to the end of eliminating competitors so that monopoly (or more-limited oligopoly) position can be achieved (Chapter D4, Oligopolistic Competition). What are the barriers to entry, if any? Competitive Competition market is the heart of the capitalist economy. Various levels of competition set the market structure. Monopoly and Oligopoly are the elements of a competitive market. Assignment: Maximizing Profit in Market Structure 5 Monopoly Monopolies have effective barriers to entry because they have certifications, franchises; patents and trademarks that make it difficult for competitors to enter a certain market. Exiting and dissolution are always achievable. Sellers are few and areShow MoreRelatedMaximizing Profits in Market Structures Paper1129 Words   |  5 PagesMaximizing Profits 1 MAXIMIZING PROFITS IN MARKET STRUCTURES PAPER Maximizing Profits in Market Structures Paper Sharon Ballard XECO/212 Michelle Council November 7, 2010 Maximizing Profits 2 Maximizing Profits in Market Structures Paper The structure of a market is defined by the number of firms that are competing in that market, along with factors such as: the ways in which these firms are alike or different, andRead MoreMaximizing Profits in Market Structures Essays1238 Words   |  5 PagesMaximizing Profits in Market Structures Maximizing Profits in Market Structures Competitive Markets The basic characteristics of a competitive market are one of many suppliers provides basically the same goods or services. There are so many suppliers and so many consumers that one supplier alone cannot influence the market prices. Each supplier, or price taker, is at the mercy of the current market conditions at any given time. (N. Gregory Mankiw, 2010, p.290).ThisRead MoreMarket Structure and Analysis 996 Words   |  4 PagesThere are a few different market structures, competitive market, monopolies, and oligopolies. According to Mankiw (2007) competitive market, also known as monopolistic competition or â€Å"perfectly competitive market† is defined as â€Å"a market with many buyers and sellers trading identical products so that each buyer and seller is a price taker† (Pg. 290). In this market structure there are two characteristics: there are many buyers and many sellers in the market and the goods offered by the various sellersRead MoreMain Factors of Product Pricing in the Uk1416 Words   |  6 Pagescharge a profit-maximizing price where price is determined when marginal cost equals marginal revenue. They operate to seek a maximum return on the investment and costs they have input. The diagram below shows how firms produce at the profit maximisation point (MC=MR) and what costs they incur (point C). It also shows that most firms that follow a profit maximizing strategy incur a profit (price is greater than cost) . Figure 1 From Wikipedia.org Figure 1 From Wikipedia.org Although profit maximizationRead MoreTopic: Profit Maximization of a Firm.1326 Words   |  6 PagesProject Topic: Profit Maximization of a firm. Profit maximization has always been considered the primary goal of firms.The firms owner is the manager of the firm, and thus, the firms owner-manager is assumed to maximize the firms short-term profits (current profits and profits in the near future).Today, even when the profit maximizing assumption is maintained, the notion of profits has been broadened to take into account uncertainty faced by the firm (in realizing profits) and the time valueRead MoreStrategy Simulation Game: Economics for Managerial Decision Making1243 Words   |  5 Pagesa firm must make in order to achieve maximal profit and how the approach changes based on the four general classification of industries (Stegmann, 2009) and the decision that I made using the information from AMBA670 and previous course. Decision making processes of management is described in different market structures. Just as it pertains to any for-profit business organization, the goal is to cut and maximize profits in each type of marke t structure. Based on the information provided, QuasarRead MoreStudent1589 Words   |  7 PagesDermaPlusTM are hospitals and pharmacies. The topical cream category is extremely competitive and has led to BioMed’s market share to be small. Due to the size of BioMed’s market share they are unable to influence the market price. We also must assume that the market of BioMed can be modeled as being perfectly competitive in equilibrium, allowing the use of the model’s profit maximizing criteria. The plant producing DermaPlusTM has been in operation for three years with no change in manufacturingRead MoreAssignment 3.1 Techinal Questions Essay815 Words   |  4 Pagesthe firm’s profit-maximizing (or loss minimizing) output. Is each firm making a profit? If not, should the firm continue to produce in the short run? In the first graph, the firm is losing money, but it should not shut down because P gt; AVC. So the loss minimizing choice is to stay in business in the short run. To shut down would lead to higher losses equal to fixed costs and these losses would be more than the current losses. In the second graph, the firm is realizing a profit because P gt;Read MoreEvaluation of Baumols Model1733 Words   |  7 Pagesunits at a high price. There are different managerial models in a firm embodying different assumptions like the Profit Maximization Model which is a traditional model, the Marris Model, the Williamson Model and the Baumol Model. This write-up will focus on understanding management preferences in terms of price, revenue and profit maximization, critically evaluate the management model of Baumol and review the extent to which the Baumol modelRead MoreDifferentiating Between Market Structures Essay1077 Words   |  5 PagesDifferentiating between Market Structures The structure of a market is defined by the number of firms in the market, the existence or otherwise of barriers to entry of new firms, and the interdependence among firms in determining pricing and output to maximize profits. The author of this paper will cover: the advantages and limitation of supply and demand identified in the simulation, the effectiveness of the organization in which the author knows, and how the organizations in each market structure maximizes